Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Testimonial.

Fuel Mileage: Since the removal I have had a decrease on average of 2-4 L/100km in fuel consumption. The best I ever got before the work, according to the trip computer, was 15.7L/100km, on the highway, empty, and prior to me having any emissions system issues. I have seen a 13.6 when driving 90-100km/hr empty for about an hour after the work was done. Average real mileage half city, half highway with a gooseneck work trailer on about 50% of the time is 17MPG.

Power: The thing I notice the most is the power in the bottom end. Perhaps a bit to much below 1500rpms. If I am empty I can role around at 900rpms pretty well anywhere that the torque converter can lock in. It holds in noticeably longer than it did before and pulls out of the bottom 
with a snarl instead of shifting down. Top end power is also quite lively. If I hold the brakes on lightly while rolling at about 20-30kmph and step on it till it builds boost (about 1.5 seconds) and then let of the brakes and put it to the boards it will spin the duals on dry asphalt and feels like a race car. Tires are to expensive to do that more that a couple of times. Lets just say it makes enough power for me.

Noise: It is slightly noisier in a” diesel snarl” way than it was before but only when under load. I kept the factory muffler so it is pretty quite 
for work, but it does have a nicer rumble and the exhaust brake is much louder than it was before.

Towing: Maybe it would have had some issues either way, I never towed much with it before to know, but I can slip the torque converter clutch if
I let it grunt when pulling a heavy load (10,000plus pounds) in tow haul it normally keeps it down a gear and is fine but get after it at 
all under 1500rpms and it will shudder. I just knock it back on the manual shift option. Otherwise, it tows alot stronger than it did 
before, at highway speed I can drop it a gear to 5th on most passing lane hills with 14,000 pounds behind it and at least hold 90 without 
bagging on it.

Emissions: Glad to have the check engine lights out and all of that crap off of my truck, 3 filters that you can’t see daylight through in a line on 
the exhaust. Ridiculous. These trucks have enough little issues without dealing with the cost of maintaining an emissions system. No 
more funny idling, no more stink, no more catalyst full. Drive it as you wish and it works.

Black Smoke: No black smoke whatsoever.

Final thoughts: 400+ HP, no smoke, no excessive noise, better fuel mileage, longer engine life, nicer engine sound, less issues.

Thank you. Jeff C.

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