Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience the extremes of human nature. I had taken my truck in for a regular service at Newport Auto, which was done on time, and at the usual high standard. Now the journey gets interesting. On my way into the city my alternator brushes choose that moment in time to stick closed, and my truck died in the HOV lane, on Hastings St., at 250pm. I called Dominic, he did a quick diagnosis over the phone, and said he would drive down to the city to help me out, and even ordered a back up alternator, just in case.

While waiting for Dominic I experienced verbal abuse, horns blaring, and curbside remedies for my vehicle, from cyclists, and the support of a wonderful family who owned the Deli, and fed me sandwiches and coffee, for free.

Dominic arrived as quick as he could, with tools, a smile, and a solution-hammer to the alternator, which freed the brushes, and had my vehicle going again. We chatted for some moments, and I was again struck by Dominic’s commitment, not only to his customers, but also his perspectives on life and his desire to do what is right, always.

I was blown away by Dominic’s absolute dedication to his customers, and being there for them. He is professional, a master at his trade, and his compassion and commitment, and helping people in need, is exemplarily.

There is only one place where I will take my vehicles – Newport Auto. There are many reasons as to why this is so, but the bottom line is that Dominic and his staff treat you with honesty, fairness, and go way beyond what anyone could hope for in today’s world. Thank You.
 Bruce Wilson, Squamish

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