These are unchartered times but Newport Auto is committed to being there for you no matter what. We are now offering two new services to everyone at no extra cost:

Contactless Drop-Off

  1. Book your car in with us online or by calling us at 604-892-5100
  2. Drop your car off in our parking lot
  3. Fill out the drop-off form located in our open-door customer lounge - we are sanitizing all high-touch points every 30 mins. There is also a hand sink with soap and paper towel available in the customer lounge.
  4. Drop the form and keys in the drop box in the red door between our big bay doors
  5. After we have assessed your car, we will contact you with the analysis for you to review the maintenance required and associated costs for your approval. Once the work is complete, we will then call you for a credit card number to complete your purchase.
  6. All high-touch points will be sanitized on the exterior and interior of the vehicle - this includes all door handles, hood of the vehicle, seats/headrests, gear shift and other levers, dashboard controls, steering wheel, seat belts, console and arm rests.
  7. We will provide a time slot for you to pick up your vehicle and will leave your sanitized key set in your car (bring your spare key to collect your vehicle - if you don't have a spare let us know)

Thank you for your continued patronage - be safe and be healthy!