The next time you complain about poor gas mileage, start by checking your tire pressures. A semi flat tire(s) causes excessive drag on your car that slows you down, so, to go the same distance your throttle is opened more, therefore using more fuel. It’s as simples as that. A tire pressure gauge is a good investment for a few dollars and checking your tire pressures regularly makes good sense, not to mention that for safety reasons too. A car with low tire pressures will actually cause the vehicle to pull and sway that could result in loss of control. Anytime you notice these symptoms start by checking the pressures. Tread wear is another important issue. Most tires have wear indicators and when the tire reaches that point, new ones are required. In addition, keep a close eye for uneven tread wear, shimmying and wobbling of the vehicle that could indicate tire separation, or that front end components are loose or a wheel alignment is required.

Important Newport Auto Tire Safety Policy

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed on your vehicle is a critical safety alert system. This system monitors tire pressure and alerts the operator to a possible low tire condition. A tire that becomes low on pressure can result and has resulted in, loss of vehicle control particularly during slippery road conditions.

The tire pressure monitoring system provides other benefits that include, saving fuel by insuring that proper pressure is maintained resulting in reduced rolling resistance of the tire, longer tire life by reducing excessive heat to cause tire to wear prematurely, reduce on hi-way breakdowns or blow outs caused by low tire pressures, this system has many advantages and benefits for your vehicle beyond safe operation.

We at Newport Auto Inc will not disconnect or make inoperable any safety system on our clients vehicles, such as the air bag system, seat belt system, collapsible shock absorbing bumpers etc., we will not cause the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to be inoperable in any way as well. That means if your vehicle is equipped with a functioning TPMS system when it arrives for service the system must be properly operational when it leaves. That includes service to install winter tires and winter wheels. Proper air pressure and a safety system to monitor pressure are particularly important when our clients may be driving on icy winter roads.

We at Newport Auto Inc believe our clients’ safety is paramount to our level of service and commitment, and the operational TPMS system is critical to our honouring that commitment.