Timing Belt

A timing belt is a rubber belt that connects the bottom of the engine to the top. Its job is to keep the engine synchronized allowing for proper timing of the piston and valve position so your fuel can be ignited at precisely the right time. Most vehicle manufactures recommend that you replace the timing belt between 80 – 100,000 km. It’s behind the timing cover so inspection usually requires removal of that cover. However, when you have the cover off for inspection, you may as well replace it, as the job is half done. Neglecting to replace the timing belt could result in the vehicle to suddenly stop running with potential to cause severe engine damage as the pistons and the valves loses its synchronization therefore, possibly colliding. It’s nothing a $1000 or more can’t fix but what’s more important is for safety reasons – the thought of your engine stalling just as a bus is coming quickly towards you is an ugly thought

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