Front End

Any time you have a feeling of control loss in your steering wheel such as: hard steering; looseness; shimmying; uneven tire wear or even weird noises from your front end area, have it checked. Your front end consists of many different linkages and joints of different nature and sizes. By regularly changing the oil in your engine, these parts may have grease fittings for grease, which is part of the lubrication process. It should also be a part of any courtesy inspection. Any excessive play or looseness found on any component should be replaced immediately and aligned if necessary. They play an important part of your vehicle as they contribute to the direction that you want to turn. Failure of any front-end component could result in very serious consequences.

Behind the Wobble: 4×4 front-axle pick-up trucks some times develop what has been referred to as a “death wobble”. For more on this please see the article below from Canadian Technician, February 2013 edition on page 20 & 21. Click here for news item