Electrical Systems

A good electrical system plays an important role in your vehicle. Starting off with the battery, it’s the initial source of power. As you turn the key, electrical current is transferred to you starter allowing it to turn your engine over. During this process, the ignition and fuel system is working simultaneously to start your engine. Once your engine is running, your alternator takes over and recharges the battery and supplies electrical energy to your radio, lights, ignition etc. Failure of any one of these electrical components could result in your vehicle not starting or worse, the vehicle stalling in the middle of the road in the case of a bad alternator. Having your vehicle’s electrical system checked once a year is a good idea and the battery’s fluid level checked monthly. If you ever notice a battery light on, in your dash or your starter just clicks or turns over slowly have it checked immediately, otherwise you could find yourself stranded in a most unfortunate situation.