If you don’t do anything else to your car, at least do a regular lube, oil and filter change. This service should be performed every 5 – 6,000 Kilometers or 4 months whichever occurs first. Oil cleans, lubricates and cools the engine. It is exposed to combustion pressures, unburned fuel, carbon and extreme temperatures so the minute it is poured into the engine, its additives begin to deteriorate. The oil is pumped through the filter where the dirt is trapped. For this reason the filter must also be changed when the oil is changed. Lubrication basically means lubricating the front end of the chassis, drive shaft U-joints, and checking all fluids. Most newer passenger vehicles do not have grease fittings, as the front-end components are factory sealed so we just check all fluids. In addition, tire pressures and a visual 20-point or more inspection is performed at this time.