Cooling System Service

The purpose of the cooling system is to cool the engine and control it at a certain temperature for maximum efficiency without overheating. It also provides you with heat during the winter months. Main components related to the cooling system is: the water pump; radiator; radiator cap; heater core; thermostat; hoses; belts; cooling fan and coolant. They all play a major role in how your cooling system operates and should be checked regularly. By neglecting to repair any of the main components as they wear or malfunction can result in overheating and severe engine damage. Inspection of the complete system once a year is a good rule of thumb and flushing the coolant every 2 years is important even if the protection level is showing good. You see, the additives in the antifreeze eventually breaks down and develops electrolysis which becomes a form of acid causing more harm than good. This chemical reaction actually disintegrates your gaskets and other aluminum engine components.