With obvious reasons, the brake system plays a vital role in your vehicle operation. For a typical vehicle, the average life for front brakes is about 30,000 km’s and for the rears about double that. A complete brake inspection should be performed twice a year for the following: road test for squealing, grinding and pulsation; lining wear; mounting hardware; drums and rotors; hydraulic system and the emergency brake system. Any time unusual noises are heard such as squealing, grabbing of the brakes or a spongy pedal, immediate attention is required. By reacting quickly as these symptoms occur can save you hundreds of dollars by preventing further damage. For example, a front brake reline, caliper service and machining the rotors can be as low as $130 plus taxes for a vehicle with a good hydraulic system. However, if not repaired the rotor will eventually be destroyed and possibly damaging the hydraulic system as the seals can tear and eventually leak. Cost can then rise to an average price of $80 per rotor (2 per axle) and $60 per caliper (2 per axle), excluding labor. Enough said as the mathematics can speak for itself.