Just wanted to let you know. Super happy with the tires! Thanks for the help! Oct 2014, Ian 

On Saturday I was in Squamish for my son’s soccer game, and knew I would need the DCQC to get back to Vancouver. When I got there, the DCQC was out of order – panic!! I looked on Plugshare and found Newport Auto and drove there. Talked to Ed, who told me I was welcome to stay as long as I like (even though the shop closed in one hour) I stayed for almost two hours so that I could limp back into town and hit up another L2 charger in West Vancouver. Ed and Newport Auto need to be congratulated on being such awesome EV supporters!!! Also discovered that within a 5-7 minute walk is a great sandwich shop open 363 days a year called Two Birds Eatery…great food for spending two hours while at a L2 charger. Sept 2014

Thanks for the offer of the Road Side Assistance. Let’s hope I never need it. You & Your Team of Professionals have always taken GREAT care of my Mechanical needs, going beyond the call of service which is why Newport Auto will ALWAYS be my go to Shop. Sept 2014, Scott N

This weekend I was in Squamish for the Music Festival, and on Saturday morning my Ranger’s clutch blew. I don’t know what I would have done without these guys. They took my truck in, diagnosed it, and got my approval to start working on it all within the hour. They worked very fast so that I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend/festival, pick up my truck first thing Monday morning, and get home safely. The price was fair, and the people were great. I don’t live in Squamish, but if I did these would be my go-to guys. August 11, 2014, Matthew T

Hi Gentlemen, Thank you for the quick fix and delivery of our Element. We trust in your service, appreciate your efforts and, come to think of it, even the free vacuum is a nice touch:) Wishing you all a relaxing long weekend. Stay cool! We will be in contact to have our header gasket replaced on our Yaris shortly. Aug 2014, Wilf 

Just wanted to thank you again for your help with my truck on Sunday. It sure was good to have your knowledge and advice at the campsite. Aug 2014, Randy

Hi Noel, Thanks again for taking the time this morning to answer my questions. It encourages me that there are businesses like yours that strive to be better across all aspects of their endeavours. I intend to avail myself of your service for my next tune-up on the Freestar. I wish you continued success in your pursuits and look forward to
seeing you in the growing location. Sincerely, Gary

The friendly folks at Newport Auto Inc have always been so helpful over the last five years. They’ve fit in my car to throw on the winter tires so I could drive to the city for work the next morning during an early snow storm. They fit in my Mom’s vehicle into a busy day when she was visiting and her truck broke down. They also never talk down to me when I don’t understand what’s wrong with my vehicle, and even gave me recommendations on what type of vehicle I should buy next, based on how much driving I do (and it turned out great which meant I dont even need as much service!). I’ve never had better service especially from a mechanic. Recommendation to the Squamish Chamber of Commerce, Culture of Customer Service Awards, May 2014 

Thanks very muchly to Noel Koehn of Newport Auto for making a house call to revive my ’59 Edsel! Most appreciated!! April 2014

Last year we were so fortunate that you donated and oil and lube to the Brackendale Elementary silent auction and it was a huge hit! My husband, Sean, and I decided to try out Newport Auto last year and we have been so impressed with the honest and professional service we receive each time we come in. With thanks, Heather B

A diesel truck full of daffodils to Noel Koehn, owner of Newport Auto Inc. Your generosity and kindness is overwhelming. Your staff and customer service is top shelf. It’s people like you that make the world a better place.   In the Squamish Chief Newspaper, February 6, 2014

Thank you so much for all your great work on my car. I always feel confident driving knowing you people have worked on it. I really appreciate having that peace of mind considering how vital my car is to my way of life. Have a great 2014.   The Green Honda CRV

I just wanted to share what great service I received yesterday October 29, 2013 when I purchased the new winter tires for our Mazda 5.
Simon, Ed and Sunny were so friendly, helpful and courteous. I usually have great customer service when visiting Newport Auto but yesterday it just felt a little bit more. Thanks for everything.


BCAA Shop Talk October 2013 Newsletter: Newport Auto is always very clean polite and accommodating for my schedule

Thanks to Noel and the Newport dudes for working late on a Friday night to turn around my motorhome. We fully expected to delay the start of our trip. Instead Newport stepped up and did what it took to help me out. This is exactly why I’ve been a customer since the day Newport opened.   Craig Davidiuk

Toyoto Tercel – Just want to say thanks to you guys for always doing a great job!  I always appreciate that you get the job done by the time I need it. Keep up the excellent work!!
Tricia Boer

Hi Shaun, Thank you for checking – that is a good sign that you guys care about your customers. I could not make it on time last night and got in about 20 minutes late, but Noel was kind enough to move cars around and let me have mine. I then drove to Vancouver and the car felt driving like new. Thanks for the good work.

It is good to see craftsmanship and professionalism in the auto-repair industry which has gotten very mixed reputation thanks to some bad apples. You guys keep your standards high, keep the good level of customer service, attention to detail and you’ll have guaranteed business for a long time. Thanks again  
Frank K.

Wow! You’re the Greenest and the Best! I’m glad all your hard work is paying off! Congratulations!
  Steve Ennis, Commercial Account Manager, BMO

Just a quick note to say “thanks” for the services your company provided for me on Monday, August 6, 2012. Mike Pritchard from Payless suggested that he tow my Explorer to you as you are open on stats. Richard made sure the work was done ASAP and got us on our way. I particularly appreciate the honesty and professionalism he displayed by doing only the repairs required.  Bob Sharpe

I’m planning a trip from Seattle to Whistler in my Nissan Leaf. Thanks for allowing EVs to charge at your shop.
 Ric T, Seattle

Just wanted to let you know that things went great with the service at Newport Auto.  The guys there are very professional. Took good care of our little red rocket. Things seem to be fine. Just reporting in and giving thanks where its deserved.
 Sharon F, Pemberton

Congrats on your Readers Choice Award – of course, you were my vote!
Jude Goodwin, Goodwin Studios, Squamish

Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience the extremes of human nature. I had taken my truck in for a regular service at Newport Auto, which was done on time, and at the usual high standard. Now the journey gets interesting. On my way into the city my alternator brushes choose that moment in time to stick closed, and my truck died in the HOV lane, on Hastings St., at 250pm. I called Noel, he did a quick diagnosis over the phone, and said he would drive down to the city to help me out, and even ordered a back up alternator, just in case.

While waiting for Noel I experienced verbal abuse, horns blaring, and curbside remedies for my vehicle, from cyclists, and the support of a wonderful family who owned the Deli, and fed me sandwiches and coffee, for free.

Noel arrived as quick as he could, with tools, a smile, and a solution-hammer to the alternator, which freed the brushes, and had my vehicle going again. We chatted for some moments, and I was again struck by Noel’s commitment, not only to his customers, but also his perspectives on life and his desire to do what is right, always.

I was blown away by Noel’s absolute dedication to his customers, and being there for them. He is professional, a master at his trade, and his compassion and commitment, and helping people in need, is exemplarily.

There is only one place where I will take my vehicles – Newport Auto. There are many reasons as to why this is so, but the bottom line is that Noel and his staff treat you with honesty, fairness, and go way beyond what anyone could hope for in today’s world.  Thank You.
  Bruce Wilson, Squamish

I simply don’t trust any of the shops in the city, even for an oil change and you guys are the best in Squamish  
 J.P. Filipich, Wesco Industries, Burnaby BC

Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Testimonial.

Fuel Mileage: Since the removal I have had a decrease on average of 2-4 L/100km in fuel consumption. The best I ever got before the work, according to the trip computer, was 15.7L/100km, on the highway, empty, and prior to me having any emissions system issues. I have seen a 13.6 when driving 90-100km/hr empty for about an hour after the work was done. Average real mileage half city, half highway with a gooseneck work trailer on about 50% of the time is 17MPG.

Power: The thing I notice the most is the power in the bottom end. Perhaps a bit to much below 1500rpms. If I am empty I can role around at 900rpms pretty well anywhere that the torque converter can lock in. It holds in noticeably longer than it did before and pulls out of the bottom 
with a snarl instead of shifting down. Top end power is also quite lively. If I hold the brakes on lightly while rolling at about 20-30kmph and step on it till it builds boost (about 1.5 seconds) and then let of the brakes and put it to the boards it will spin the duals on dry asphalt and feels like a race car. Tires are to expensive to do that more that a couple of times. Lets just say it makes enough power for me.

Noise: It is slightly noisier in a” diesel snarl” way than it was before but only when under load. I kept the factory muffler so it is pretty quite 
for work, but it does have a nicer rumble and the exhaust brake is much louder than it was before.

Towing: Maybe it would have had some issues either way, I never towed much with it before to know, but I can slip the torque converter clutch if
I let it grunt when pulling a heavy load (10,000plus pounds) in tow haul it normally keeps it down a gear and is fine but get after it at 
all under 1500rpms and it will shudder. I just knock it back on the manual shift option. Otherwise, it tows alot stronger than it did 
before, at highway speed I can drop it a gear to 5th on most passing lane hills with 14,000 pounds behind it and at least hold 90 without 
bagging on it.

Emissions: Glad to have the check engine lights out and all of that crap off of my truck, 3 filters that you can’t see daylight through in a line on 
the exhaust. Ridiculous. These trucks have enough little issues without dealing with the cost of maintaining an emissions system. No 
more funny idling, no more stink, no more catalyst full. Drive it as you wish and it works.

Black Smoke: No black smoke whatsoever.

Final thoughts: 400+ HP, no smoke, no excessive noise, better fuel mileage, longer engine life, nicer engine sound, less issues.

Thank you.  Jeff C., 2011

“Newport Auto are awesome. Every time I go to get my truck fixed, they’re super-good to deal with. They’re totally transparent and will talk you through everything that they’ve done to your vehicle, which is comforting and reassuring when dealing with mechanics. Their pricing is competitive (they will price match components) and their turn-around time is super quick. In past experience I’ve found it hard to find a good mechanic, but the guys at Newport Auto (I’ve had dealings with a handful of people there) are great”

2011 Green Business of the Year Award
Congratulations! A very unusual award for you industry indeed. Well done in thinking outside the box. Fraser Stamp-Vincent, Bank of Montreal
Congratulations again to you and your Team!
As you know our industry is not typically viewed as environmentally friendly. For your shop to win this award it is a testament of your dedication to your business, your customers, and obviously the environment. I speak for myself and on behalf of NAPA when I say we are proud to be a partner in business with you. Thanks, Colby Hill, Regional Banner & Major Account Coordinator, NAPA Auto Parts – Pacific Region 2009 Business of the Year Award Nomination

“I too have always been happy with the work performed at your shop!  It is great to see you being acknowledged by the Squamish community!” Eva

“Well done Noel. I agree entirely with the nomination statement. You are one of the few people that I will trust to work on my diesel.” Don

“Congratulations to you and your staff for the work well done.” David

“Congratulations on being nominated. You deserve to win. So pleased that you are there to help me out when I need it. I voted for you!” Catherine

“Congratulations on this wonderful acknowledgement of your hard work and commitment to providing service that we can trust! Doug

Congratulations!  I am glad that businesses who are honest and do quality work are being acknowledged.  The nomination of Newport Auto is well deserved.” Cheers, Ron

“In the big picture of life, this type of recognition trumps all others as it speaks volumes of your sound character as a business owner and person in the community. Take pride in the fact that our society is a better place because of responsible business owners like yourself. Awesome Noel, simply awesome!” Marc

“A hoist full of daffodils to the fellas at Newport Auto for managing to fit me in and going the extra mile with customer service. You are all a pleasure to deal with and for that I thank you.” Al, Westwood Forestry Services Ltd. in Squamish Chief Newspaper

A Volkswagen full of daffodils to Noel and his staff at Newport Auto for all your efforts in keeping the Fox running (it died a peaceful death in Edmonton) and for your guidance in my decision to buy my new Golf TDI. The snow tires are awesome.   Squamish Chief Newspaper